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The Best Places In The USA To Visit in Spring

The United States is a very large country with some very large cities. Most travelers may not consider to rent a car under 25. However, if you wish to visit other locations outside of the large cities, it may be a worthwhile thing to do. You will also be able to take your time visiting the places you want to see.

Rent a car under 25 is quite easy to do in the USA. Once you have hold of one, know the road rules and how the car works, then you are sure to enjoy traveling around in it.

Some good places to visit during the spring break with a car in the USA include the following: 


Florida is a great place known for its sunshine. Not only is it a fantastic place for families, but also for those under 25. It’s amazing beaches are fantastic for those who are college students and are the best places to be during the spring break.

Disney World

There is no point coming to the USA without a visit to Disney World. Known as the happiest place on earth, this is a truly excellent destination for people of all ages. Whilst Disney World can get extremely crowded during the spring break, there are things you can do to get into the attractions and on to the rides quickly. Don’t let the crowds put you off from visiting the happiest place on earth.

South Carolina

If you make it to Florida, the next best place to go is South Carolina. This is another place known for its remarkable breaches that are delightful for all ages. South Carolina also has some of the worlds best resorts such as the Palmetto State to stay in.

Kentucky Cave Country

Kentucky Cave Country is very easily missed. It is only a 60 minute drive from the north side of the city of Nashville. If you are coming from Louisville, then the drive is under two hours. Kentucky’s Cave Country boasts of many green hills that are sure to leave you astounded. There are also many exciting attractions to explore whilst you are here.

We hope that this article gives you some good ideas to help you to decide to rent a car under 25 to go on a road trip to various locations around the USA. There are ways that this can be done cheaply and efficiently that will allow you to have a fantastic spring break.